Week 01 | Reflection

Michaela Mc
2 min readNov 2, 2020

With an endless encyclopedia at your finger tips it can difficult to chose which methods to use with any sort of appraisal. Our lecturers had referenced Jacobs principals. Naturally we trusted their expertise & explored this. This method was new to me, I had not used or heard the term before. However only a week later I was having a discussion with another expert in the field who had also referenced this. I felt the confidence to be involved in conversation, which I would not have had if it was not for this class.

At first, I imagined creating a task analysis’ for such a short task could be insignificant, but it is such a simple way of mapping out how to reach a goal. The term has stuck in my head & I refrain back to it overtime I have to carry out a task in work, which helps me day to day.

Going forward
I’d feel confident to use both of these methods without hesitation. Although we only carried a basic heuristic evaluation, it showed us some obvious pros & cons of Teams which allowed us to make decisions in how we approached our prototypes. For any future usability testing or appraisals I would commit a longer amount of time & give this method more attention to detail.

It was a slight murmuring start for me, to commit my energy into new projects, but I soon opened up — and I fell back into the swing of research.

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