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Project Plan

Michaela Mc
3 min readJan 16, 2021

The Team and Our Roles
Aine, Jaesin, Tom, Michael and myself began with a team charter. We appointed Michael as decision maker for those times we may have opposing views. We all had a design background, in different forms. Michael is the project lead, Aine, Jaesin, Tom and myself are designers. We conducted individual research throughout the project. We used a collaboration tool called Miro to share sketches, insights, brainstorm and create assets for group deliverables. For example, we would each makes personas and journey maps based on our research, but come together to create a final team persona based on all of our insights. Later, we mainly used Figma, a wire framing and prototyping software. This became our idea hub but we constantly went between Miro and Figma to reference our research. We were each responsible for completing our tasks and any issues were to be addressed by message via Teams before a meeting to allow enough time for each of each to reschedule.

Timeline and Tasks
Each week we had deliverables to meet, illustrated in a timeline chart below. During our class times we utilised plenty of opportunities to work collaboratively. Outside of our class time we met on MS Teams. Every Saturday afternoon we discussed our work, any findings we had, and a general catch up with each other. Team rapport is important for not only quality of work, but our quality of life. We used this time to set goals and tasks for our next meet up. I took notes for our team each week. We decided to take an agile approach allowing us to constantly collaborate and iterate to fully develop our goals.

Fig 1. Project Timeline (Created by Jaesin/Michael)

When assessing our project goals we looked at business, product and user. Aligning our project goals with RTEs business goals allowed us to keep within a realistic scope. To mention a few; “To deliver high-quality, distinctive Irish content across its traditional channels and services. To grow and experiment in the digital space.” Our product goals was user centric, to ‘Give the user what they want’ and to ‘Give the user the control’. To round it up we had user goals, users want to open up the RTE player app, have their favourite shows in front of them where they left off. To be recommended shows based on their history. Be shown good shows. Find out easily whats on & when. To be in control. Identifying these early on was a good base to look back on throughout the project.

Fig 2. Project goals (Michaela)

Project Management for User Research: The Plan

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Saturn’s Meeting notes
Saturn’s Miro prototype board
Saturn’s Miro research board
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Project goals
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