User Experience Design Journey
Hi, welcome - I’m Michaela. A user experience design student. This blog is the story of that journey.

We are currently in the midst of a world wide pandemic so all our classes & team sessions are online. This might make things a little more challenging…

Group B Collaboration

What went well during this project
Celine, Ultan and I had never worked together before. In the first introductions, we discussed our backgrounds. Ultans is research, Celines is marketing, recently stepping into a user experience role. Our class is largely visual communication graduates, so I was looking forward to the diverse…

Interaction Design Project | 01 Research

For my second blog series during the MSc in UXD my team will be researching, redesigning and testing a digital prototype of RTE Player. The popular Irish broadcasting service has many bad reviews towards their application. …

Interaction Design Project | 03 Design Process

Fig 1 . User need statement — Derick

The design process
Emphasising with Derick and defining our problem we created the to be task flow. Using a dot voting system to each took a section each of the RTE player app to begin researching trends and sketching out paper prototypes implementing possible…

Interaction Design Project | 02 Project Management

The Team and Our Roles
Aine, Jaesin, Tom, Michael and myself began with a team charter. We appointed Michael as decision maker for those times we may have opposing views. We all had a design background, in different forms. Michael is the project lead, Aine, Jaesin, Tom and myself are designers…

It is very interesting to know that as a designer, there may be functions you want to implement. But it may not be feasible. The challenge is how to compromise & address which ones are priority.

Seamlessly switching content, among the other functions we addressed, is important. It only…

Michaela Mc

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